What can I do if I do not have a VR viewer?

To get a first impression of Bridge of Knowledge VR, you can try out the app without a VR viewer, because the writing in many levels is large enough to be read off the split screen in VR mode. Do not forget to move your mobile sideways (i.e. as if it were to be held in front of your eyes) to open the game.
To log in your answers, tilt your mobile to move the blue dots at the centre of the split screens over the eye icons. However, this app was developed to be played in VR, and we strongly recommend the use of a VR viewer to discover the excitement of full immersion. Cheap VR viewers are available for under 5 €.
If you are a student or teacher at LMU Munich, you also have the opportunity to receive a free cardboard VR viewer at the IT-Zentrum Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (Schellingstraße 3, basement of the back building, room K04). Please write an e-mail to kontakt@etextlab.lmu.de if you would like to receive your own free VR viewer (including a sticker with the Bridge VR logo).

How can I access the MENU in VR mode?

To access the MENU and other functions in VR mode, simply turn round.

How can I select a new level in 2D mode?

The game starts with a default level containing general-knowledge questions. To search for levels with specific content, tap on the 2D button in the top right corner. This will open a keyboard. You can search for topic, level name, author name, language etc. Scroll down the list of levels matching your search and tap on the level you wish to play. This automatically starts the level. Tap on the VR headset button in the bottom right corner and insert the mobile into a VR viewer to play.

How can I select a new level in VR mode?

While in VR mode, turn around and select MENU. You can then browse alternative levels using the arrows to the left and right of the name of the currently selected level. To start the new level, turn around again and use the arrow button.

I am afraid of heights. How can I still play?

Raise the water level of the river by using the button that is shaped like a human to feel more comfortable. In fear-of-heights mode, you will not fall off the bridge if your answer is wrong. Click again if you wish to return to default mode.

Why can I only choose from three levels?

Because there is no internet connection, you can currently only access the offline levels. Connect your mobile to the internet and use the REFRESH button. To find the REFRESH button in VR Mode, simply turn round.

I cannot find the bridge. Where is it?

When the game starts in VR mode, turn round until you see a yellow PLAY button. Use the eye icon to activate it, and you are teleported to the beginning of the bridge.

The screen is upside down. How can I change that?

Turn round your mobile one or more times. If this does not help, switch off the auto-rotate function in your mobile’s settings.

How can I change the volume of the jungle sounds?

Use the usual control buttons on your mobile. If this does not work, remove your mobile from the VR viewer while in VR mode and select the settings icon in the top right corner of your screen manually. In the settings menu, use your usual method for changing the volume (e.g. press the volume buttons on your device).

How can I find out what the levels are about?

A table with information on the available levels can be found at https://www.bridge-vr.gwi.uni-muenchen.de/levels/.

I do not know the answer to a question. How can I avoid falling off the bridge?

Leave the app temporarily to find out the correct answer. Consult any resources that you find helpful and then continue with the game.