Create your own level for Bridge of Knowledge VR

Throughout December 2020, teachers at LMU Munich have the opportunity to create their own version of the game for their students. Ideally, your questions should target a relatively large group of potential users within your field (e.g. the participants of a recurring introductory lecture) and address a shared canon of knowledge in your field, so that the content is not outdated too quickly and may be of interest to users outside your own classes. But these are no obligatory requirements.

To fill the Bridge of Knowledge with your own questions, simply write them into the appropriate Excel template: all questions must have a single correct answer and either 3 distractors (= incorrect answers)  or 4 distractors.

For technical reasons, please make sure that your filled-in document contains

  • an even number of questions (between 10 and 80) in column B (max. 400 characters per question, but shorter is better)
  • a single correct answer in column C (max. 140 characters per answer, but shorter is better)
  • distractors in all the remaining cells
  • only regular letters, numbers and punctuation marks, but no special fonts etc.
  • no commas (neither in the questions nor in the answers). If you need to separate elements within the cells, please use these alternatives instead:
    1. &
    2. +
    3. and
    4. or
  • no semi-colons (neither in the questions nor in the answers). Instead, use a full stop or a dash.

The shorter your texts, the better. Avoid unnecessary and long words, and keep the answers as short as possible for good readability on the planks.

Please send your Excel file with the questions to We will then add a new level with your questions to the game as soon as possible. Your level will be identified by your own name and a brief title. Please note that all levels are publicly accessible for the benefit of all interested learners, and that the authors of the levels are solely responsible for their content. A list of the currently available levels can be found here.

If you would like to request the creation of a custom-made level of Bridge of Knowledge VR, please also fill in this form and send it to with your Excel spreadsheet.