Bridge of Knowledge VR provides an exciting learning experience in many different fields of knowledge. There are levels with questions on general knowledge, but the main focus lies on academic subjects like linguistics or archaeology.

The levels were created by experts in their respective fields using the Stylesheet. Specialised levels may be targeted at students of the respective subject, but everyone interested in the topic is welcome to play and learn something new on the way while having fun.

Use the search fields and sorting functions in the table below to find the most suitable levels for you. The large search field allows you to search for any type of information, and the small search fields retrieve information inside their columns. You can search for games in a specific domain (e.g. general or English linguistics), in a specific language (e.g. English or German), by a specific author (e.g. the teacher of a specific class) or for a specific target group (e.g. children or first-time players). Tap on the first column in mobile mode to see additional information.